Maroon Strikes Back

The Fashion Medley


I guess it’s not a surprise to see a make up trend dominating two consecutive years, considering the options are scarce compared to other fields of fashion and beauty. Sure the brow shapes are changing, we have several double letter foundation-cream thingies (between which I still don’t get the difference) and sometimes there is a definitive trend gap between matte and shiny, but color codes generally stay the same: Golden and tangerine tones for summer (with either pastels or neons co-starring) a more pale skin and dark lips for winter (usually supported with black or dark green eyes).

Judging by the number of shades-of-red lipsticks I have, it’s evident that I’m obssesed with dark, matte lips but I’ve found maroon lipstick a little hard to apply. I’ve always hated the goth look and no matter what I wore, when I put on a dark lipstick I was crossing that line…

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