”Yves Saint Laurent”,the Jalil Lespert film version is stunning in it’s details.

Sybilia Style

In April we were aware of not just one but two films based on the life of Yves Saint Laurent,a person that wanted to be celebrated mostly through his work.The recent announcement of actor Pierre Niney playing Yves role in the film version of direction Jalil Lespert,brought the matter back to first page.As for the other actors for the film above,the announcement states that Guillaume Gallienne will impersonate Pierre Bergé,Charlotte Le Bon will be Victoire Doutreleau,YSl’s first ”muse” plus German Nikolai Kinski appearing as Karl Lagerfeld. Interesting so far,indeed. This film has the backing of Bergé and is due to be released in 2014.It is expected to be the most ”autobiographical” of both as its being closely inspected by Bergé himself.What’s sure is that many interesting,well meant comparisons between the two films will arise.So far,it seems that the Lespert version is sticking to reality,almost in a documentary manner.

Scenes from…

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