2013 Emmy Awards Fashion Review

Mad Time Mama!

Hooray!  Award season is back and in full swing! I ❤ award shows and the evening gowns that come out of hiding.  I was hoping to get this posted a lot sooner than I have.. but I’ve had two croupy kids over the weekend plus a new music project that is getting off the ground so life has been busy.  BUT that doesn’t stop fashion from moving forward. So lets get to it.

What are some of my general opinions? I was impressed from some unlikely characters and overall impressed with a lot of peeps.  Some I was annoyed with, some looked like they were ready to be a part of a bridal party and I STILL don’t understand WHAT is going on with the trend of see through fabric and strategic and not so strategic cut outs on perfectly beautiful dresses. Oy.

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2 responses to “2013 Emmy Awards Fashion Review

  1. I especially like the purple and pink gowns because I think that they always stand out on the Red Carpet ! Thanks so much for following my blog, made in Marseille, France !

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