Top 10 Famous Colombian Actors

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There are so many famous Colombian actors to celebrate during National Hispanic Heritage Month that we couldn’t limit it to just one! Here is our Top 10 list of famous Colombian celebrities.

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10. Laura Ortiz

This Bogota native is most famous for her terrifying role in “The Hills Have Eyes.”

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9. Karina Arroyave

This gorgeous actress has a 20-plus year history in the acting world, with credits that include parts in “Lean on Me,” “187,” “Falling Down,” and the Academy Award-winning “Crash.”

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8. Zulay Henao

Once engaged to Terrence Howard, this Medellin native has starred in a series of independent films, as well as the TV show “Love Thy Neighbor.”

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7. Lillo Brancato

This Colombian born actor of Italian extraction delivered a tour de force performance in “A Bronx Tale.” Unfortunately, in 2009, he…

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